Not so fast, Mr. Boehner

Winteregg_for_Congress_Blog.jpgRecently, John Boehner discussed with the Cincinnati Enquirer his prospects of being re-elected Speaker during the next Congress. "It won't even be close," he replied. He believes his position is set in stone, that the fates have determined it, that it's a foregone conclusion.

 Not so fast, Mr. Boehner.

All of this is predicated on the idea that he'll be re-elected in the upcoming primary and general elections. Not only does he believe that he'll maintain his power as the Speaker, he doesn't even factor in the voices of his constituents. Have those elections already been decided? Does he respect us so little that he won't even ask us what we think?

Mr. Boehner's attitude toward us--his constituents--in the primary and general elections of this year reflect how he has served us. He believes he is entitled to his position, and this is glaringly obvious as he moves further and further from what we want him to do while he's in D.C. Mr. Boehner isn't about serving us—Mr. Boehner is about serving Mr. Boehner.

He’s now running ads for his next campaign with the tagline "One of us, fighting for us." This is laughable, at best. Was Mr. Boehner one of us when he decided the government should pick winners and losers in his support of TARP? Was he fighting for us when he decided that he would fund Obamacare? Was he fighting for us when he increased taxes and gave the president a blank check until next March by suspending the debt ceiling? Was he one of us when he bought his $835,000 condo in Florida? Was he one of us when he decided during last August's recess to fundraise out west in lieu of holding townhall meetings in his own district?

Let's face it. Mr. Boehner isn't one of us. He's one of them. He's one of the people in D.C. who perpetuate a culture of corruption. He's one of the guys in D.C. who leverages his position as our employee to secure power for himself. He's one of the guys in D.C. who mocks conservatives, blames the Republican party for the shutdown, and, as Mr. Boehner himself put it, absolutely trusts the president.

The fact that Mr. Boehner believes he has to convince us that he's one of us shows he doesn't believe it. He used to be a bartender. He used to be a small business owner. He used to stand on principle. That was then. The fact of the matter is that now, more than two decades later, he’s a politician. He won't consult the wisdom of his constituents. He doesn't stand up to the president. He refuses to fight for us. He blames us for the Congressional dysfunction. He's been in D.C. for too long, and it's time to look back to the district to elect someone who is truly "one of us." That's why I'm running against Mr. Boehner.

As a teacher in OH-8, I know the struggles my students and their parents face. As a resident in OH-8, I share the burden of increased prices with no increase in wages.  Instead of making our economic growth a priority, my representative has enabled President Obama's tax and spend agenda.  As a conservative in OH-8, I feel the frustration of having an elected official talk and not act while serving himself instead of us.

I understand what is needed to represent the people in this district. I have the conviction needed to stand firm on conservative principle and to not fall for the tricks of the Democrats. I also know what needs to be done to help push the Republican party back to its conservative base--I will not be fooled by those in D.C. as Mr. Boehner has been.

This May, take the time to have your voice be heard. Tell Mr. Boehner that his time in D.C. is finished.  It's time we truly put “one of us” in office. It's time to tell him to stop looking down the road at his future. It's time to tell him "Not so fast, Mr. Boehner." It's time we fight for us.

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