Meet J. D.

Biography JD Winteregg

J.D. Winteregg currently teaches at a local high school, and he also does adjunct work at a nearby university. He and his wife 
live in Troy, where they are fixing up a home in the historic district.

Educational Background

J.D. earned a B.A. in International Business and French from Ohio Wesleyan University. He also has a M.Ed. in Foreign Language Education (Wright State University), a M.A. in French (Ohio State University), and he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Foreign and Second Language Education (Ohio State University).

Work Experience

With a diverse work experience, J.D. understands how to work among and across cultures and age groups. From working in France as an English Assistant in a public high school, to door-to-door sales in Alabama, to his current work in high school and university environments, J.D. has had the privilege and honor to meet many different kinds of people from all kinds of socio-economic and racial backgrounds. He has learned how to address and advocate for the needs of all types of people, and the success he has experienced has helped to propel him to leadership positions of curriculum and project development and mentorship.

Political Experience

J.D. is relatively new to the political scene, an advantage he embraces as his ideas truly represent the people in OH-8. He works tirelessly to improve the representation in the district, and in just a year, he has managed to become a leader within several tea party/liberty groups in OH-8. His advice to improve community outreach has been sought by leaders in these groups, and he has shown a commitment to help these groups improve. This commitment has helped his popularity to skyrocket within these groups. J.D. brings enthusiasm and creativity to the district–something that is desperately needed–and these attributes have helped to inspire others to action.

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