• Defund Planned Parenthood NOW!

    I am calling on Speaker Boehner to defund Planned Parenthood immediately. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for these gruesome actions, and any investigations into Planned Parenthood practices should come after Congress moves to defund the organization. This organization receives public money because of DC's out-of-control political pandering--and people with moral or religious objections are being forced to pay for actions they oppose. This must stop now.

    The Speaker holds "the power of the purse." He can--and must--defund this organization. If he champions himself as "pro-life," now is the time for him to prove it. Regardless of what he decides to do, however, the fact remains that he has voted to fund Planned Parenthood. I'm challenging him in the Republican primary in March because we need principled and proactive leadership, not empty rhetoric, meaningless hearings and continued acquiescence to the Far Left.

    I know and respect the value of life. I will defend religious liberty. I won't squander my constituents' hard-earned tax dollars. And I will never cast a vote to fund Planned Parenthood. 

    ~ J.D. Winteregg


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    Dear Speaker Boehner.

    Planned Parenthood is not only in the abortion business but it is now illegally harvesting fetal body parts for financial gain. In your statement about the recent revelations of these despicable practices, you stated that "when an organization monetizes an unborn child--and with the cavalier attitude portrayed in this horrific video--we must all act.

    Mr. Speaker, I am calling on you to act NOW!

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